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Trojan T-105

6V Deep-Cycle Flooded

Amp Hours (20hr Rate): 225 Minutes

Minutes @ 75 Amps: 115 Minutes

Minutes @ 25 Amps: 447 Minutes

Black 6V

6V Deep-Cycle Flooded

Trojan T-875

8V Deep-Cycle Flooded

Amp Hours (20hr Rate): 170 Minutes

Minutes @ 75 Amps: 117 Minutes

Minutes @ 25 Amps: 295 Minutes

Black 8V 

8V Deep-Cycle Flooded

Trojan T-1275

12V Deep-Cycle Flooded

Amp Hours (20hr Rate): 280 Minutes

Minutes @ 56 Amps: 102 Minutes

Minutes @ 25 Amps: 150 Minutes

Black 12V

12V Deep-Cycle Flooded